How to choose the right outsourcing vendor

If you are in the throes of selecting viable outsourcing companies in UAE to outsource business tasks, here’s what you should consider before making a final decision:

Step 1

It is indispensable to be clear from the beginning about what you are expecting to achieve out of the outsourced relationship. It is important to be mindful of the fact that simply separating out the tasks you want to outsource is not the same thing as defining the end-result you desire. The desired benefits of outsourcing that people typically expect include lowering costs, managing fluctuation in workflow, boosting efficiency, adding specialized skills or capacity to your business, and freeing-up the precious management time to concentrate on core competencies, among others.

Therefore, you should strive to comprehend the difference between clearly defining the scope of outsourced tasks and their intended benefits. Enterprises that fail to understand this key difference, and concentrate only on cost and scope, often complain about unhappy outsourcing relationships. Once you define the objectives and scope, you should next analyze the potential individuals/ organizations you are going to outsource to.

Step 2

First things first, experience matters. Check if your potential vendor has the relevant experience in delivering the kind of services that you are planning to outsource and whether they have the best document management system in Dubai or not. This could include function/sector expertise for knowledge intensive tasks, types of clients worked for, and number of projects executed. You can even inquire into the qualifications and experience of team members, project managers, and the management team. If you are venturing into a large or long-term contract, it is a prudent idea to interact with the proposed team before signing the deal. Rather than thinking that you should micro-manage the team, consider this exercise more of a mini-interview. This would help you judge the fitment between your needs and requirements and the team being given to you to execute them.

Step 3

Also be sure to ask for work samples and references. Speak with your client’s references personally, in order to better understand the quality and scope of the vendor’s services, customer support provided, client engagement practices, turnaround times, and timely deliveries. Also discuss with your vendor about potential challenges that you should expect and how the vendor would strive to overcome/avoid them. Ask the vendor to provide you with a sample of their previous works to glean a feel of the end output. However keep in mind that vendors might not always be able to share actual deliverables with you, due to client vendor confidentiality agreements, so rather you can ask for samples prepared for marketing purposes or projects that can be viewed lawfully.